The thread we hold


with energy easing

connection, trust

opening the inside outsight

with a flame relit

transforming intention

with a fresh faith

regenerating illumination


the task ahead is demonstrating

learning, true love

expanding insight outside

nourishing the wisdom

of growing with

open minds, open hearts, open will

willingly showing



with bits of you in me

my soul huge

huge magical humility

as the highest in me

meets the hightest in you

reverberating renewed superheroes

pledging presence, soft support

witnessing more

shoulders to stand on

to stand with, deep gladness

meeting the world’s deep needs

with love and fear

with trust

with ba



* Thank you, in Japanese

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A harvest from Day 4′s closing check out at The Art of Hosting BIG Decisions – While Looking After Self, Others and Place, earlier this month.

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Ring us in


Ring us in

We are the ones

we have been waiting


in every interaction


hands, soul gifts

spoken and unspoken


spoken and unspoken




we are here

ring us in


*Hopi prayer

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A harvest from Day 3′s opening check in at The Art of Hosting BIG Decisions – While Looking After Self, Others and Place, this month in Edmonton, Canada.

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The duke of purple


The duke of purple

Imagine my surprise when

the duke of purple

struggles at every age

with deep compelling stories





I’ve always wanted to be with you



double ding


I’m ready to go

healing family flexing

showing up for me

now I know

what I need to know

nervous aching shifting

sitting in it


sitting in it




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A harvest from Day 2′s check out at The Art of Hosting BIG Decisions – While Looking After Self, Others and Place.

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Shifting masks


Creative knowing

shifting masks

awakening heart

an infectious energy

vulnerable without reservation

together in community

we pause


to see

each other


to slow

for clarity

for intention unfolding


to trust

uncertainty with anticipation

in a container

investing in surprise


humbly playing seriously

peacefully anticipating

slipping in

slipping out


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A harvest from Day 2′s opening check in at The Art of Hosting BIG Decisions – While Looking After Self, Others and Place. The question that got us started – what do you notice about hosting?

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Opening I’s


Opening I’s

Curiosity grows

in learning

the highest potential in a magical vortex

learning, exploring life

long leading, pointing to

big decisions

that live local

near and far

the universe conspires

to spend time here

to feel

the messy business

of life


I’m in my shoes and others’

to risk and grow

the edge


a big decision for me may not be for others

a big decision for others may not be for me

in the confusion to come

an atmosphere of many minds

intentional knowing transitions

in play

at all times

learning by doing

we open I’s


choices, connections, contributions

love and likeness of the human condition

humility in humanity

in listening

to the flame at the center

humbly ruminating

self and other

the tension outside and inside

clearing confusion

to slow and accelerate

leaning into excitement


ripe with rhythm


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A harvest from Day 1’s opening and closing circles at The Art of Hosting BIG Decisions – While Looking After Self, Others and Place.

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Ride the release safely


Ride the release
North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton, April 27, 2013

I knew three years ago that a transition was coming for me in April/May 2013. In 2010 I was elected my my professional planner colleagues to serve one year as president-elect, then two as president, for my professional organization – the Alberta Professional Planners Institute. Our AGM was last week and I have officially handed the reins over to our next president. And I have picked up a new set of reins; as past president, I am on the board of the Canadian Institute of Planners for two years. Knowing this transition was coming, I stepped down as president of my community league.

The nature of the transition is clear and unclear. I have shed my two “presidential” roles and took on a new board. The other transitions I am less clear on. Two significant pieces of contract work are concluding and I don’t know what will come next to help pay the bills. As I look at my schedule for the coming weeks, I see that I have created space for myself to make a transition of some kind. My antennae are work!

Last week, I spent a day with David Whyte, reflecting on my work and where it is going. A big realization came to me: Lost? Let the city find you. On my way to spend a day with a group of women exploring their personal leadership, from the inside to the outside, the ice flows in the river have firmly caught my attention. Just when I think spring’s work is done, when life is flowing freely, a jam I never knew was there releases. I don’t see the jam, just the ice and the debris it carries. The smooth surface of the river’s spring flow is now a torrent, a rush I only noticed with the ice. There’s some inner work to notice what is flowing in and through me, and how to ride the release safely, or how to boldly grow the self.

Today, I have gathered with 40 other circle practitioners to explore our work creating the social containers our world needs at this time. For me, the social habitat is a critical aspect of making cities that serve citizens – and citizens that serve cities. While the gathering is work related, it is equally about my personal social habitat and my approach to myself and my work. My operating principle remains the same: nourish self, others and place.

I have no idea what will come next, but I choose to spend time where I feel nourished, where I can nourish others and the places we live, work and play. I choose to nourish my/our social, physical habitats and my/our economic life. This is ultimately what will enable me to ride the river, and whatever she throws at me.

What ideas and practices support you in your life’s journey? 

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This post is part of Chapter 8 – The City Making Exchange. Here are some plot helpers of Nest City: The Human Drive to Thrive in Cities, the book I am sharing here while I search for a publisher:

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