Shifting masks


Creative knowing

shifting masks

awakening heart

an infectious energy

vulnerable without reservation

together in community

we pause


to see

each other


to slow

for clarity

for intention unfolding


to trust

uncertainty with anticipation

in a container

investing in surprise


humbly playing seriously

peacefully anticipating

slipping in

slipping out


_____ _____ ____

A harvest from Day 2′s opening check in at The Art of Hosting BIG Decisions – While Looking After Self, Others and Place. The question that got us started – what do you notice about hosting?

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4 thoughts on “Shifting masks”

    1. You are most welcome, Caroline. It’s another layer of harvest / meaning when it means something to someone not in the room when it “happened”. The whole reaching out to other wholes… You are right – this does enable folks to see the whole, and enable the whole to reflect on itself.

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