Let the pollen dust you


Let the pollen dust you


Don’t let incorporation fly away

let the pollen dust you, every day

with spouses, children, singing

singing full of gratitude

of land, of holding this way

deep in your heart, returning

celebrating home and her guides

her 108 ways of making space

in the extraordinary endless gifts

of life, hosted by nature

nurtured grief, receiving

the work of real people

flowing with Earth, as we ask

with purity of heart, with life

showing sacred life in life

overflowing, spirit guiding

growing the honour of listening

to readiness inherited

known and unknown

as we reach out for Earth

to do most of the work


what kind of tribe has no place?


the wanderers with stars in their eyes

and full hearts


the grouse dancer

the spirit leader

the irreverent ukulele lady

the nest maker

the deeply rooted

the cosmic life force

the freedom climber

the star traveler

the courageous heart of the sun saluter

the journeying medicine man

the spirit steward, of this land



** Caught at the closing circle, Cascadia Quest 2014



The gifts


Don’t forget the invisible

love in the fire

for sacred work

connecting roots

rooted, deep

together in joy


Don’t forget the invisible

energy that heals

a global family

trusting play

and the delight

in life


Don’t forget the invisible

unexpected resolve

to energize

to carry

to move

and be still


Don’t forget the gifts

of belief

in the big

break through

of collective intelligence

in circle



Poem caught in the closing circle of the Second Fire gathering of the Circle Way, at Marsh House, Whidbey Island, May 3, 2014.



I said yes


I said yes to an invitation

to being

a pioneer, a tributary

sitting, in ambiguity and uncertainty

to build

to give

to never leave, here

the moment, the lineage

the flow of the river

circling, wanting us now

to serve

by yearning

purposefully, carrying,

prototyping, feeling,

feeding, fielding

the field



Poem caught in the opening circle of the Second Fire gathering of the Circle Way, at Marsh House, Whidbey Island, April 30, 2014.



Patience to care


The promise of light in February is to begin

spring sooner than later

for new beginnings

for noticing early signs of brightness

for moving

for inspiration

for seeking

to care


yet to care is also patience

for  profound capacity

to become apparent

a profound capacity to care, aware

that I choose to accept

that I choose to receive

that I choose

to wait


care means conflict and impatience too

assuming all will be well because it will

with joy and pain and time

I patiently offer my care


patience is not a blind eye

if it is a choice to declare what I need

when I ask I can receive

when I ask I can receive

when open to surprise the patience to care comes

it touches, it beacons, it enjoys, it lights

the whole



_____ _____ _____

This poem was caught last week during a gathering of my local community of practice.



Disaster blows the blinders off


Some colleagues and I spent the afternoon exploring resilience in the face of disaster. We noticed that disaster takes place an many scales – the heart attack the demands a new normal in an individual, or a tsunami or fire that rips through a whole city or country. Whenever this happens, we somehow bounce back, stronger and more connected with each other.

Here’s a poem caught as we began our conversation today:


Disaster blows the blinders off

my place

my body

then a practice grows

touching stories

mine and others

of strength

of energy

of smiling

on a journey of



_____ _____ _____

Yet another transition


A couple weeks ago, some colleagues and I gathering to begin a conversation about how we could work together around resilience and adaptability in our lives and communities. Here’s a poem that surfaced as a result of that conversation:


Yet another transition 

another fucking transition

an end for a beginning

where kin matter

where the  story you carry matters

because it shapes how you show

your self

so who are you shadow boxing?

yes, its scary to pay attention

to what’s happening now

to flick the switch on

alone or together

and to have the future we want

the light must be on

let’s take turns waking up

to sustain awakeness


______ ______ _____

Who can we be?


Who can we be?


What is separate need not be,

For the Divine is personal.

There’s enough love, and enough room

For all of it. A falling away

Of illusions because there’s no going back.

With profound creativity, we palpably,

Steadfastly, safely, prepare for transition

To another life, another work, gestating.

Who can we be if I let go

Of what I think we should be?*

Who can I be if I let go

Of what I think I should be?


* A question of Chris Corrigan’s that has been alive in me for a while…

_____ _____ _____

This poem is a harvest from this afternoon’s checkin with my Integral City colleagues.




The thread we hold


with energy easing

connection, trust

opening the inside outsight

with a flame relit

transforming intention

with a fresh faith

regenerating illumination


the task ahead is demonstrating

learning, true love

expanding insight outside

nourishing the wisdom

of growing with

open minds, open hearts, open will

willingly showing



with bits of you in me

my soul huge

huge magical humility

as the highest in me

meets the hightest in you

reverberating renewed superheroes

pledging presence, soft support

witnessing more

shoulders to stand on

to stand with, deep gladness

meeting the world’s deep needs

with love and fear

with trust

with ba



* Thank you, in Japanese

_____ _____ _____

A harvest from Day 4′s closing check out at The Art of Hosting BIG Decisions – While Looking After Self, Others and Place, earlier this month.

_____ _____ _____



Ring us in


Ring us in

We are the ones

we have been waiting


in every interaction


hands, soul gifts

spoken and unspoken


spoken and unspoken




we are here

ring us in


*Hopi prayer

_____ _____ _____

A harvest from Day 3′s opening check in at The Art of Hosting BIG Decisions – While Looking After Self, Others and Place, this month in Edmonton, Canada.

_____ _____ _____


The duke of purple


The duke of purple

Imagine my surprise when

the duke of purple

struggles at every age

with deep compelling stories





I’ve always wanted to be with you



double ding


I’m ready to go

healing family flexing

showing up for me

now I know

what I need to know

nervous aching shifting

sitting in it


sitting in it




_____ _____ _____

A harvest from Day 2′s check out at The Art of Hosting BIG Decisions – While Looking After Self, Others and Place.

_____ _____ _____