Shifting masks


Creative knowing

shifting masks

awakening heart

an infectious energy

vulnerable without reservation

together in community

we pause


to see

each other


to slow

for clarity

for intention unfolding


to trust

uncertainty with anticipation

in a container

investing in surprise


humbly playing seriously

peacefully anticipating

slipping in

slipping out


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A harvest from Day 2′s opening check in at The Art of Hosting BIG Decisions – While Looking After Self, Others and Place. The question that got us started – what do you notice about hosting?

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Opening I’s


Opening I’s

Curiosity grows

in learning

the highest potential in a magical vortex

learning, exploring life

long leading, pointing to

big decisions

that live local

near and far

the universe conspires

to spend time here

to feel

the messy business

of life


I’m in my shoes and others’

to risk and grow

the edge


a big decision for me may not be for others

a big decision for others may not be for me

in the confusion to come

an atmosphere of many minds

intentional knowing transitions

in play

at all times

learning by doing

we open I’s


choices, connections, contributions

love and likeness of the human condition

humility in humanity

in listening

to the flame at the center

humbly ruminating

self and other

the tension outside and inside

clearing confusion

to slow and accelerate

leaning into excitement


ripe with rhythm


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A harvest from Day 1’s opening and closing circles at The Art of Hosting BIG Decisions – While Looking After Self, Others and Place.

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A formidable arising


A formidable arising


Aligning mother

excitement fulfilled

in tension relaxing

into curiosity



of fire

of earth

and that’s all

in the air

in the water


there’s strength

in surrender


a formidable




*A poem caught with my fellow Integral City travellers, Marilyn Hamilton, Cherie Beck, Alia Aurami and Ellen van Dongen.



Integral city breath


I’m just home from attending the Integral Theory Conference – Connecting the Integral Kosmopolitan in San Francisco, taking some time to settle in at home. I just came across this poem I caught at the end of the session I held with Marilyn Hamilton, the first mini-prototype of an Integral City Learning Lhabitat.

Here’s what particpants had to say at the conclusion of our session:

183 - integral city breath poem

Thanks to all our participants! You played well 🙂


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This post is part of Chapter 9 – Be the Best Citizen You Can Be. Here are some plot helpers of Nest City: The Human Drive to Thrive in Cities, the book I am sharing here while I search for a publisher:

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Experiential strengthening


This is destination as articulated by a group of municipal employees I worked with this week. They are carving out a new way of being in their work, and their lives – their civic practice. Experiential strengthening…


Let’s synergize 
leverage opportunities 
to analyze, connect 
silos, information, platforms, initiatives 
into corridors 
of power pursuing
overlapping goals 
expanding conduits 
shocking access 
beyond the usual suspects 
there’s so much to see 
when open 
we are resource full 
experientially strengthening

for collaboration




Epiphanies of harmony


Recurring dreams are
epiphanies of harmony
waiting to be found
on delights
tasting with my eyes
what’s there all the time

with the tongue of my heart
beauty all round
shines, showing

a seeing, fleeting me
to pay attention to
eternal life in me

comfortable as I go
vibrantly conscious 


every one yearns
to tell a story 
it doesn’t take much, yet so much
to listen
to constant epiphanies
in dreaming, believing
confidence into the heart

habits sharply, intentionally
speaking to me

openly honest
in balanced union
revealing relief
in needing not

to believe all
I think 

the mobius 
journey lasts forever   
forever surprising
loops looping
round to where there is
subtle shifting
learning to learn

discovering essence
drawn to essence
of all, in all, in me

I savour   

I marvel  


A winter rest until January 7, 2013


The Nest City blog is on pause for a winter rest until January 7, 2013. Enjoy the heart of the season, wherever you are. Here’s my harvest from a gathering of my local community of practice last night. We were exploring what David Whyte‘s poem, ‘Sweet Darkness,’ meant to us:

Always something interesting
in the sweet darkness
alive, emerging soon
from a healing cocoon
connected to a vast
of possibility
in degrees
of perspectives
looking expectantly
for purpose in the dark
to be revealed
when discerned
in the light
of dark


I’ll spread the word

Stepping back
from the glorification of busy
for good
collaborating on forms
emerging from living, seeing
globally with questions
I’ve never considered before
I’ll spread the word
with spirit spreading
learning, looking at
blind spots
bringing out inspiring
diversity together for
excitement, motivation
to explore the promise
of opening minds
humanizing connections 
the powers of one are
alive here
inspired here
nourished here
engaged here
renewed here
and out


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Awesome Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable City Workshop II with The Natural Step Canada.  Closing Circle.  November 22, 2012