Earth gazing from Earth


A week ago today, I emerged from the wilderness at dawn after two days, two nights alone and fasting on a vision quest (see Rewire the reptilian, and Chronos + Kairos). It occurs to me today that this was a form of Earth gazing at many scales, from Earth rather than from space. I contemplated my self, my Higher Self and the nature of me and nature around me. I see today that I was contemplating my planet and my relationship with it.


Earth gazing
a look at ourselves
a glance
at the dancing light of stardust
integrating interconnectedness
in space

This is a wee poem I caught while watching the Planetary Collective‘s trailer about the Overview Effect – humanity’s recent ability to see ourselves from a cosmic perspective. We have an emerging big picture view of ourselves. We live on a planet, and there are implications of this understanding for life on Earth.

The big change is that we now can see a unity of life that we could not see previously. Space travellers see a form of unity of life, of coherence. A oneness of consciousness. A delicate oasis in infinity. This understanding is crucial because who we are, our existence, is at stake. Our choices are made in a delicate balance that is destructive or sustainable. Says Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell:

We humans are responsible for ourselves.


This little film tells us that much of astronauts’ spare time, while in space, is doing what they call Earth gazing. Not quite a meditation, but quiet time in awe.

We can’t all go into space – yet. But we can explore the wonder of our planet and open ourselves to a more full relationship with the fullness of our world.

How do you Earth gaze from Earth?



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