The unspoken

They were the unheard
holding the unspoken
the taboo
and they told you
so what do you do?


The unspoken
just because unspoken
does not leave the room
it remains unsaid
so what do you do?


What do you do
with what is both
known and unknown
not wanted
and wanted?


Do you sit with it
withhold it
leaving the shadow
a glimpse of light
in the shadows?


Do you speak it
daring to light
a fire of possibility
that brings on the heat
of discomfort?


When is the unspoken
best left unsaid?
Is it a choosing
of discomfort
yours or the other?


And who gets to decide,
to choose the discomfort
in the end unknown
and unknowable
and who it will serve?


Who gets to decide
who remains comfortable
not knowing the discomfort of others
closed off to the shaking
mystery working us?


Those unspoken words
are (mysteriously)
yours and not yours
to be handled with care
as you decide how to share.


Is the readiness
you seek yours or theirs,
a seed for now or later?
A ‘see’ for now or later?
Who is ready for what?


Who is ready for what?
Is this yours to carry?



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