Alternative prosperity


The words “alternative prosperity” are alive in me today. As I’m contemplating the work that I want to be doing in the coming year, it is about so much more than money – the usual form of measuring prosperity. What about all the other things?

What about the time I get to play with my family?

What about the time I get to flop around in bed, read a book, play in the snow, ride my bike?

What about the charge in my soul when I get spend time with fabulous people and we do great work together?

What about the great pioneering feeling I have when I understand something for the first time, and it fills me with joy?

What about the thrill of being paid to be me?

What about the feeling after an intense three day meeting, when I leave with more energy than I had when I arrived? The words I caught in our closing check-out circle were wise:


Alternative prosperity
Welcome in 
the layers
of a rippling universe
of blessings
in a fire
what’s to come
caring to ride
the alternative
that accelerates
magic vows
the layers 
of a rippling 

A poem caught in the closing circle of fantastic business meeting last week. Wow.



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