Citizen superheroes are on the inside


There are citizen superpowers in each of us. We become citizen superheroes when we choose to use them. And after choosing to exercise your citizen superhero muscles, we need to practice, practice, practice…

The more you use your citizen superpowers, the more you will be comfortable with them, and the more you can handle the fight-or-flight parts of your brain that try to sabotage your deeper knowing despite the fact that you face no real threat (see Citizen Superpowers for more).

Here are your citizen superpowers, and they come right from the parts of your brain that are not about fight-or-flight:

  1. Explore with great curiosity and an open mind
  2. Empathize with yourself and others with compassion and understanding to any situation
  3. Innovate and create new perspectives and outside-the-box solutions
  4. Navigate and choose a path that best aligns with your deeper underlying values and mission
  5. Activate and take decisive action without the distress, interference, or distractions of the Saboteurs

Once you choose to practice these powers, then you grow your abilities to be skilful and wise in their application. Your actions will be large and small. Never mind the size – that you use your powers is the most important thing. Practice, practice, practice.

Find what is important to you and work on it. You are not the kind of superhero that swoops in and saves other people. You are the kind of superhero that looks after what you think needs to be worked on. Your passion is what drives you. It comes from the inside of you, not what others need of you.

YOU are your superhero.


(For more on Citizen Superpowers, see yesterday’s edition of the Nest City News , or the Nest City Blog post of couple weeks ago).



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