Epiphanies of harmony


Recurring dreams are
epiphanies of harmony
waiting to be found
on delights
tasting with my eyes
what’s there all the time

with the tongue of my heart
beauty all round
shines, showing

a seeing, fleeting me
to pay attention to
eternal life in me

comfortable as I go
vibrantly conscious 


every one yearns
to tell a story 
it doesn’t take much, yet so much
to listen
to constant epiphanies
in dreaming, believing
confidence into the heart

habits sharply, intentionally
speaking to me

openly honest
in balanced union
revealing relief
in needing not

to believe all
I think 

the mobius 
journey lasts forever   
forever surprising
loops looping
round to where there is
subtle shifting
learning to learn

discovering essence
drawn to essence
of all, in all, in me

I savour   

I marvel  


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