Writing from the red chair

I realized last night, as I was falling asleep at 12:05, that I had not posted a blog yesterday.  Since May 1, my commitment has been to post every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  I have done that up until yesterday.

While I violated the specifics of my commitment, the intention was not broken.  I did write yesterday; I just wrote in a different place.  I think I just ended up outsmarting myself.

This last Sunday, while I was sitting on a bench overlooking the McKinnon Ravine in Edmonton, I made a decision to start writing to myself more.  As a way to talk to myself.  I also made a decision on Monday to go and get myself a little red notebook in which to do this.  A little red notebook that conjures a sacred red chair that I played in as a child under a big spruce tree.  A little red notebook in which I will write my Self’s wisdom to me.

Yesterday, I went to get this little notebook.  And last night I spent some time with it, following which I went to bed.  It completely threw me from my “blogging game”.  Totally, but meaningfully, distracted.

So I figure it is only fair to share with you what I was writing last night.

My little red notebook is when and where I choose to settle in and spend some time with myself, allowing the Essence of me to become more apparent to me.  My little red notebook is where I take the time to notice what I am noticing.  It is where I explore synchronicities and wonder at how the universe works.  Much of what pops up either in the little red notebook, or what I write in other places that are in the spirit of the little red notebook will show up in my blog.  I have made a decision to share more writing that is personal in nature, trusting that what I explore within me also has a place in the world outside me.

My intention is to more fully align my inner perspective with how I show up in the world.  The only way to do this is to very explicitly share my inner journey with the outside world, and writing here feels like a wonderful place to do this.  I trust that writing here, sharing what I write while I write it, will help me find others operating on the same ‘frequency’ so that we can join in our explorations together.

I will call this my writing from the red chair.

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