Making Monster Stories

This is the closing debrief in yesterdays creative process session at the Authentic Leadership in Action Institute in Halifax.  We were exploring story:

Our similar stories

Got better as we told them

When I wrote mine

It was all about me

When I told it

I found some distance

I can see the monster

When I get out of the way

When I whisper

Transported to a garage and toolbox

A love of listening

With sadness

Pure negativity is not evil

It is the pleasure we find in negativity

That is

We make decisions

About our personal stories

The evil and the good in our hearts

The passion without definition

Random meaning

In our lives

When we get out of the way

With imagination and insight

The storyteller is a guide

Letting the story unfold

Each time

With the prince

The wolf and the horse

What do I do now?

That’s up to you?

Crush the Giant’s heart

Or put it back?

And live happily


ever after…

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