Worldly Wealth Cafe

I am attending the Authentic Leadership in Action conference in Halifax this week.  A thread throughout are the notions of wealth and currency.  Below is a poem created while listening to this morning’s debrief after a world cafe discussion…

How the hell did it happen

That money is more important than people

How do we stay so confused

Every day

Trust is the heart of


A core

Of investment in future

Sustaining savings


Poverty for all

Do we perceive ourselves as being poor?

Complexity measures community

Wealthy when intention and reality are one

What drives our actions

Isn’t real

2 of us came to the table

without talking about money at all

Can you make money of money

Culture, class, gender

Are at the heart of the matter

In social transformation

A shifty mood

Where I put my attention

What if I just put trust out there

In the university

In giving my needs will be provided

Wikipedia, linnux, what’s next

When wealth is genuinely exchanged?

Without fear of scarcity

In touch with humanity


Together in

Homes and communities

My back hurts

What am I willing to pay?

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