The trip


We voice louder than I

learning in dialogue

the material


clean air, water

food, shelter

a once in a century advantage



Seriously aligning, collaborating

beyond boundaries

global to local

conditions to flourish from

local to global

the trip’s as valuable

as the destination.


_____ _____ _____

Harvested at Transform Alberta Summit, November 9, 2012

Tiger mother


Transform the northern

tiger of opportunity

on the other side

of challenges

is the energy of

entrepreneurial spirit

a passion for

love, hope optimism.


Our choices change

the world

prosperity into the future

my future

our future

our future.


Alberta’s hardy crops

of work and integrity

a prevailing climate of

talent attached to meaning

intentionally building

compost value

of perishable communities.


Humans on the land

humans under the land

spanning strong and flexible

energy believing

success is attracting, incenting

opportunity when we listen.


Earth is our mother

we are her mother

listen to us breathing.


_____ _____ _____

Harvested at Transform Alberta Summit, November 8, 2012