Strawberry Creek Lodge


NestCity-BlogPostWe spend a lot of time at Strawberry Creek Lodge, a beautiful log building on 320 acres of boreal forest along Strawberry Creek. We choose to gather here for many of our learning events because we are well looked after while we stay there – the food is wonderfully nourishing, the sofas, chesterfields and beds are comfortable, and the nature that surrounds us is stunning year round. It’s not spiffy and posh – and it suits us perfectly.

It’s a beautiful place to circle up, whatever the season.

Photo: Katharine Weinmann
Photo: Jane Purvis
Photo: Jane Purvis
Photo: Jane Purvis
Photo: Beth Sanders
Photo: Beth Sanders

Strawberry Creek Lodge is located 80 km southwest of Edmonton, about a 40 minute drive from the Edmonton International Airport.


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