Walking wonders


I write at three different scales. I focus on either a short and quick blog post, a more time-consiming article, or my book project, Nest City. I have to confess that the blog posts have taken a back seat for a while, while the other two have consumed a lot of my time. (I sent Chapters 1-6 to my editor last night, and an article will be in the next edition of Plan Canada.)

I have been writing so much that my body is tired of sitting, which means I go out for great walks in my neighbourhood, even if -30C. I had a great excuse to head out for a walk last week with some neighbours at the launch of the Glenora Community Walking Map.

If nothing else, it was also a great excuse to have some hot chocolate and cookies at Vi’s for Pies, our cozy neighbourhood coffee shop, with my neighbours.

Walking always works wonders – for the body, mind and soul.


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