Performing possibility


My ability to ‘perform’ well, regardless of what is coming at me, has a lot to do with how I prepare.  Being prepared means I will be able to invite, see and explore new possibilities. My head needs to be ready, my body, and my spirit.

I need basic skills and knowledge. Going into a meeting, I find the delicate balance of knowing what I need to know, but not investing time and energy into what I do not need to know, trusting that others will bring that intelligence. There are many meetings I attend where I do very little to familiarize myself with materials ahead of time. There are other meetings when I spend hours reviewing material, getting briefed by others to ensure I understand critical points.

My head needs knowledge, but it also needs to be fully present in the meeting in order to perform well. That means that I have to look after my body. I need to pay particular attention to the amount and quality of sleep I get and eat good food that fuels me well. I also need to spend time “in” my body, doing physical things – walking, running, yoga, soccer, skiing.

I also need to engage Me, the true essence of me beyond ego, that is my spirit. This Me knows what I am passionate about and reminds me when I take the time to listen. This Me knows when I am heading off track and lets me know, when I take the time to listen. This Me knows what the next natural step is when I am facing a dilemma, and lets me know, when I take the time to listen. I engage Me as I write in my journal or as I talk to myself on a walk. I support this by ensuring I have the energy needed by making sure my body is healthy and well, and not letting my head take control.

This spirit piece is about balance, which means I need to give myself the gift of silence to hear what all three aspects of my being have to say. Part of my personal practice is meditation, simply sitting quietly without any pressure of having to figure anything out.

Whether for a soccer game or a meeting, I am ready for whatever is wanting to happen if my preparation is balanced. My intention is to be nimble, able to serve the possibilities that emerge in every moment.

What practices serve possibility in your life?


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This post is part of Chapter 7 – (Un)known Possibilities. Here are some plot helpers of Nest City: The Human Drive to Thrive in Cities, the book I am sharing here while I search for a publisher:



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