I was overwhelmed with fun today

A quick post to report that I am not posting anything book or Integral City eLab related today.  It has been a long day and I simply don’t have the jam to get anything very concrete in the blogosphere today.  I offer a simple reflection on my day – and the work that is exciting me.

This morning I worked with a group of 30+ multidisciplinary stakeholders that are endeavouring to work together to create design guidelines for new neighbourhoods. Today was our 6th meeting and we dove into a very detailed review of the work we have been doing.  It is time to see if the work they have accomplished is starting to do what they have set out for it to do.  We spent three, hard hours with the document and I have to say that I love the goodwill of this group of people from various walks of life who are typically in deep conflict working with a shared intention to create a city that serves citizens well.  Each of them are wearing their citizen hats well, working frankly and openly with each other with great respect and dignity.

My other piece of work today was to rewrite a number of the bios for the speakers at the Integral City Expo and eLab taking place September 4-27, 2012.  This is tricky work, taking what someone has written about themselves and cutting the text in half or more.  It was enjoyable to get some time to ‘meet’ the people we are hosting as lecturers, panelists and storytellers.  I am really looking forward to my backstage pass as an interviewer and harvester for the event.

The other thing I tackled today is what I call the platform for my platform.  I recognize that I need to have quite a bit of support to grow my work and its sphere of influence, and my works’ influence on me.  This ended up as a crazy mindmap that generated some fantastic clarity.  I want to engage people for the following roles to support me and my work:

  • an agent
  • an organizer
  • a publisher
  • an implementer
  • a ‘database’r
  • an analyst
  • a strategist

I am overwhelmed with fun today.  I have worked over 12 hours in a day, which I have not done in a long time, and I have not had a moment to build a ‘substantive’ post.

Tomorrow is a new day.  I hope it is just as fun.


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