Leadership in Education

We (Marg and Hugh and I) are at the Village at Pigeon Lake hosting a conversation with Alberta educators around leadership in education.  Here is the harvest from yesterday’s discussion:


What brought us here

An off road learning experience

In a complex web of challenge

Energized by possibility

In communities of learning

We collect expertise


And ask

What does leadership look like as a practice

For me

For us

Leading new projects

With no road map

Messy moving forward

Seeking confidence

Feeling stretched

Effectively handling hats

It’s about kids

What they learn and

How they learn

There is something about

Atmospheric reflection

Positive permeation

Sharing, reflecting, learning

I left what I knew in and out

From theory to practice

With lots to talk about

Professional development

Is also cultivating

The expertise in the room

The stories where we see transformation

In learning

With transformative questions

My gifts

The kids’ smiles every day

Energize me and in return

I energize them

I make places for trust

Selfless and safe spaces

For the all of everyone

For people no matter what

They have to say

I provide unconditional love

Nurturing no matter what

With warm and inviting dedication


I am in the right place at the right time

Knowing it will come

Generating dedication, faith

Everyone celebrating

The challenge and the learning

I accept myself as I am

I no longer trade these in for weakness

What I do not have someone else will

What I have no one else will have

Patterns in learning

We all have roadblocks

And leaders who support us

Look out for us

The struggle is something to work through

And we move through

Learning through


With necessary tension

With others we meet

Forks in the road

To find extraordinary in the ordinary

When the child comes first

When learning comes first

With questions…

What will I be when I grow up?

Where are the open doors?

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