Here’s Jessica


Last week I joined a decade-long conversation about values, culture and leadership in Dallas, Texas.We were 35 people from Canada, South Africa, Mexico, Iceland, the United Kingdom and across the United States.With the sweltering weather outside, we found ourselves creating some cool experiences. Top of mind is Jessica Roemischer’s contribution: prior to gathering, she asked us what music is most meaningful to us.Once gathered, she sat down at a piano to describe what she has been exploring – the connection music has in culture, using us as examples. (For more on Jessica, see or

Below is the meaning I made of the experience…

Here’s Jessica

Heeeeeeerrrrrrrrre’s Jessica

with culture

from who we are

from where we are

Enlightened epiphany

personal and universal

as one

Musical meme spirit

intangible power


to divinity


Music reveals

dynamic human nature


forged to future

Old Joe in the room

in the world

in the garden

in a house like I have


Improvising voice

and crawling skin

crazy love

in lineage

an unchained melody

loving loch lomand

This is called trust

new consciousness

without fear

makes possible

single notes

in twinkling melody

played perfectly

flying free

Improving life conditions

makes music possible

frees deep spirit

catalyzing beauty

I’m Jewish by birth

don’t know What by life

What women are we talking about?

You can watch anything on YouTube

Nonlinear blend


Palestinian purple sparks

my dear beloved


How are we doing for time?


I’ll add something

then let it be


We will all be

as one

Wherever I go

I feel at home

in transition

in harmonic exodus

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