Soul Spark

Soul Spark

Offered on request.

Nest-cycle-soulsparkThe inaugural Soul Spark event took place in February 2016. We circled up in community to be alone and together as we discern who we really want to be in the world, in work paid and unpaid… So the ‘do’ and the ‘be’ aligns.

If there is enough interest we may well offer this again in 2018. If you are interested, please get in touch.

Are you doing the work you long to do? Do you need time to figure it out what that is, or time to figure out how to do it? Are you already doing it an need to dig in a little deeper for more clarity? 

Join us for four days of community and personal time to invest in YOU.

What Will Happen

You will arrive to the lovely Strawberry Creek Lodge by 11 am on a Tuesday, with some time to settle into your room and explore the grounds, before a delicious lunch.

Photo: Jane Purvis
Photo: Jane Purvis
Photo: Jane Purvis

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday you can expect time in community, sharing bits and pieces of your story and getting to know each other, and expansive time alone. Together and alone we will imagine…

Soul spark bookmark imagine - brian

On Friday morning we will prepare to go back out into the world and share a last meal together. We will conclude by 1pm.

Your Guides

Your guides on this learning journey are Beth Sanders and Katharine Weinmann. Beth is an explorer of the wilderness, both inside and outside, who believes that when we do the work our soul calls us to do, we improve the world around us. Katharine is an explorer of creative expression as an antidote to the weariness and the grief we experience in the world. Both believe that when we do the work we long to do, it is an act of selflessness.

To Register: Application + Fee

Registration is a two-part process. First, please fill out this application form. With this, we will get an understanding of who you are and why Soul Spark is calling to you. Once we determine that you fit the group that is assembling we will get back in touch with you to arrange for payment.



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Beth or Katharine:

  • Beth: 780-886-0354 or
  • Katharine: 780-940-7006 or
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